My character is level 63 and uses melee weapons - mostly a one-handed ebony war axe. Level a ranged ability, preferably archery. When the dragon lands somewhere out of melee range, or is hovering, you ought to have a strategy for hitting it other than "cast Dragonrend and then run over to it." That's too slow. Destruction can work as well, but it ...


My way of dealing with things is simple: Stack up on Magicka potions and dual-cast with the Impact perk of the Destruction school of magic: you will be able to stagger-lock the enemy.


I can use the A Matter of Time mod to display in-game time, day, date, and year. This helps me to see how many years have passed in-game and I still have not saved the world (er touched the main quest). I also use it to display real-life time. It has a MCM menu that I use to configure everything including the position of the clock widgets on my HUD. It is ...

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