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Why do some versions of Legend of Zelda on the NES have the "hold reset" caution screen, and some don't?

They are different ROM versions. The first release of the cartridge did not have such a notification. However, the first releases of the cartridge were particularly prone to losing a save file, or ...
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Is there actually a cave entrance on every screen?

No, there isn't a secret entrance on every screen. Additionally, not all of them are accessible right from the get-go. Some require items that you collect through game play, like bombs. An overworld ...
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What's this repeating area in the original Zelda?

If it's the maze I'm thinking of, you need to go through it in a special order. North -> West -> South -> West This video shows it:
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Why are secret spots mising in the Wii version of Zelda I?

You have experienced the Second Quest. The Second Quest is unlocked after beating the game. Dungeons, some shops, and Heart Containers are found at different locations on the map, along with the ...
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What is the purpose of the alternate dungeon entrances in The Legend Of Zelda

From what I recall, it is, in fact a limitation of the hardware, memory and such and maybe a little bit of a software/engine limitation. For the example's sake, we'll use two terms. "Warp" will ...
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How to have the whistle warp to the ninth dungeon?

Short answer: it doesn't. This appears to be another piece of misinformation in the manual. Another good example is the tip about defeating Pol's Voice (they hate loud noises, which implies using the ...
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How do I tell Legend of Zelda NES versions apart?

When a game has "Rev (x)" on the label, it usually means it has already been revised. This means that it is not the original release, and is more than likely a newer release with bug fixes etc. The ...
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Zelda: the Triforce and the Sierpinski triangle

Speculation exists that it originates from Japanese clans, in particular, the Hojo clan. Wikipedia image for Hojo clan crest: This site covers this theory. Image below of related crests, from the ...
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Is it possible to get a Free Magic Shield?

According to the Wiki: The Magical Shield can be purchased from many of the shops found across Hyrule for varying amounts of Rupees; either 160, 130, or 90 Rupees depending on the shop. It does ...
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Is there actually a cave entrance on every screen?

There isn't a cave on every screen, but there is adventure to be found on every screen! The number of secret items/areas/caves from BOTH quests combined IS close enough to fill 1 entire overworld in ...
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What is the difference between BS Zelda and the original Zelda1?

The BS Zelda games were a tiny bit different but in some cases very similar: Most sprites and costumes are the same or slightly changed. For example: The main character BS Zelda was only playable for ...
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