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How can I get my bitizen back to work?

Their position is purely cosmetic, it won't affect the worker's performance, no matter where they are in the tower. You can't really change their position yourself.
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Is there a fast way to return to the ground level on Tiny Tower?

Tap your coins, and it will automatically take you to the bottom. Tap the coins per second, and it will automatically take you to the top.
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How can I move bitizens to a different apartment?

You can make a deal with a friend, send them to the friend and when they send them back, move them into the apartment of your choice.
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Is there a limit to how tall my Tower can be?

The official number given by NimbleBit (emph mine): There are currently 87 residential floors and 29 floors of each business type. Once you have all 232 unique floors, you can continue to build ...
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How do you send workers to a friend on Tiny Towers?

Menu > Bitizens > Select which Bitizen to send > Select "SEND TO FRIEND" the button is located just under the Bitizen stats area
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Doorman asking to go see someone?

You need to locate that bitzen in your tower. Scroll through your tower to find him and tap on that individual to complete the quest for a tower bux.
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Where are missions found? Do you have to have a certain amount of levels until you can do missions?

Missions pop up as a button in top left with a person and exclamation mark. Missions are tasks you can complete to earn Bux (or sometimes coins) in Tiny Tower. After the 5-year-anniversary update, ...
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Uninstalling/Reinstalling Tiny Tower

As with any other Application, when you uninstall it, all associated files, like game data, saves, etc., are deleted along with it. So no, all of your saved data will be erased along with the first ...
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where do I find the bitizins when I accepted them from my friends?

They should be in the lobby, and you just put them on a residential floor like you would with VIP's. Hope I helped!
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Can I back up my Tiny Tower game?

You can back up your files with this Whatsapp Recovery for iPhone that will restore your deleted files you accidentally erase.
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