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What's this repeating area in the original Zelda?

If it's the maze I'm thinking of, you need to go through it in a special order. North -> West -> South -> West This video shows it:
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Has Nintendo ever released previously "unreleased" games?

Yes, Nintendo has indeed released previously unreleased games through Virtual Console. One of the most prominent example would be Mother, which was released in Japan only in 1989 for Famicom (aka NES ...
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When playing an N64 game on Wii virtual console, what is happening when the spinning N logo appears?

It's loading both the emulator and the entire N64 ROM into RAM, and also loading a firmware handler to run the console in "N64 mode." Most emulators on Nintendo's systems (beyond the simpler NES and ...
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Can Teleport and Fly be used interchangeably in the Long Range Trainer Glitch?

Yes, you can use any move that will take you away from the currently planned fight. Dig or an escape rope would also work as well. From the article you linked. Any method of 'escape' from the Long-...
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Wii save data on the Wii U

The save files are compatible if you play the original Wii VC game in Wii mode (an option on the Wii U menu for playing Wii games), but not with the upgraded native Wii U VC versions of the games.
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Is there a legitimate method for saving/restoring installed games on Wii after the shop is shut down in 2019?

As long as you have an external storage medium with enough storage for the games, it's possible. You can keep the games on this medium, and then you can use the method here to play them off of the ...
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How to recover a deleted save file in Pokemon Gold Virtual Console?

Once a save file is deleted, there is no way to recover it.
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Are some glitches corrected on the virtual console version of old games like Pokemon red/blue/yellow

The person who said that the experience overflow glitch was fixed is incorrect. On Pokemon Red, I was able to get a level 1 Nidoking and level him up to 100 without a problem. The only "glitch", ...
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