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Minecraft FPS at Windows and Linux

VirtualBox can’t efficiently run “heavy” applications like Minecraft, as it is emulating an entire computer, which takes a lot of processing power for that process alone. Additionally, VirtualBox can ...
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How to fix game in BlueStacks which is displaying graphics in black?

It seems the problem exists only on macOS and probably on Linux as well. However, I was able to run BlueStacks App Player on Windows 2012 virtual machine on Amazon EC2 and connected to it via the ...
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Does Rainbow Six Siege lag a lot if you play on Windows via VirtualBox?

You'd be better off putting windows on your mac alongside than to game with virtual box. So yes, heavy games like Rain Six Siege will not work or be extremely laggy.
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Theme Hospital Resolution stuck at 640x480

You can't. Theme Hospital is a DOS game (well, and playstation) and as such only runs on VGA resolution. There are open source clones which support higher resolutions though I haven't tried them, ...
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Virtual Machine - Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510 not recoginzed

Simple. All you have to do is restart you entire computer (not just your virtual machine), then you unplug your gamepad, plug it back in, and it should recognize it. (if not, try checking to see if ...
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