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Issues turning on the Xbox One using voice commands?

Update 2016: Beyond Rapitor's tips, Xbox has now rolled out Cortana (summer '16), I think Cortana installs automatically with automatic updates enabled. Cortana disables the original kinect voice ...
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Steam Voice Chat Problem - Sound Bar Moving, No Sound

Since you said nothing about it, first check Audio devices. Right click you Volume icon (looks like Dynamic) in system tray -> Playback Devices Here you will see what device is currently used by ...
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Is it possible to completely disable voice chat in-server?

The correct server cvar is sv_voiceenable. If you set that to 0, it will be disabled server-wide. You shouldn't confuse this with voice_enable, which is the client command to disable voice chat so ...
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Trouble with headset microphones on Xbox One in multiplayer

Are you certain that no one in the party is hearing the microphone input? I ask this because party chat purposely does not allow microphone communication between two players who are playing locally ...
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Can’t talk to my teammates

I've had this problem in OW on and off forever. Here's what I do which normally fixes it: In game, go into settings, and toggle Team Voice Chat off and on Unplug and replug the microphone repeat, ...
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How does Voice Chat work in Battlefront 2

I can confirm that voice chat is only for parties, so you will only get voice chat with people you decide to join a party with. :)
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Why can't I hear voice chat in my headset?

Try these steps this should let you balance the game and chat audio I had to do something similar with a pair of hypercloud headphones Go into your settings menu Then Devices Audio devices For the ...
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Headphones for ps4

You can use any at all, like literally just plug in your earphones and it will work. As long as the device has a proper audio jack it should fit and output sound through it. Plugging earphones/...
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