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do I need to have played Watch Dogs 1 to understand Watch Dogs 2's storyline?

You don't really have to. The basic storyline from the first game is glossed over in the introduction. Otherwise, you don't need to know the storyline of the old game. The storyline of the sequel so ...
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Buildings flashing during the day in Watch Dogs

The problem was the GPU Max Buffered Frames configuration, it is a number of frames that were prepared by CPU for the GPU: For some reason, if this value is greater than 3, the bug occurs.
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How do I get better performance with Watch Dogs in Windows 10, compared to Windows 7?

Try disabling Windows 10's Game Mode Despite Microsoft's claims to the contrary, it seems that some people have been getting poorer gaming results with 'Game Mode' enabled. What's more, it's enabled ...
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Is the Watch Dogs Complete Bundle paying twice for the same DLCs?

It's basically the same price as buying everything standalone. I've seen this being drive by multiple games when the season pass is actually a "DLC" itself rather than just a bundle. This is most ...
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What is the advantage of playing non-lethally?

According to the Watch_Dogs wiki: When performed stealthily, a takedown won't alert anyone and will reward Aiden with bonus experience. Using takedowns on criminals will increase Aiden's reputation ...
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Is there a way to get godmode in Watch_Dogs?

WeMod offers cheats for Watch_Dogs Unlimited Health Unlimited Ammo No Reload Infinite Money Unlimited Battery Max Wanted Level No Wanted Level Invisibility (Missions) Unlimited Focus I think this is ...
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what exactly makes the car stealthy?

There's now a Wiki article detailing what makes it stealthy. Player vs Player Pros: A unique trait featured on the Stealth Edition that is not seen on any other vehicle is its extremely dark ...
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I hacked a bunch of peoples' bank accounts, what can I spend the money on?

You could spend money on poker, betting, cars, outfits, food/drink, guns, ammo, meds, crafting components or crafted items (jam com's, blackout, CtOS scans etc... only available at Tobias' shop).
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Where are the side mission rewards in Watch Dogs?

Some of the things that you unlock are NOT items per se, you unlock the ability to get them. For example you can unlock certain hacking skills, but you still have to spend a skill point in the skill ...
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In an online hacking mission, how do I check for people in cars?

He was lying down in the car. In your own car missions, you have the option to "hide" in a car. You need to keep an eye out for driver seats that are lowered and walk up to the car before you can ...
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Is there mass phone call in Watch Dogs series?

Yes, in Watch Dogs 2 you can get a skill to mass call people in an area, though it does take a lot of research points.
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Display problem in watch dogs 1

Your drivers must not be able to run some elements of the game, making the rendering crash when that element is loaded the first time and making it unrecoverable. Guess its something weird because it ...
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Where are the side mission rewards in Watch Dogs?

In watch dog 1, you don't have access to every gun all the time. Go to a gun store and look at what weapons are available to you. Most of the time you have to change your weapon load out after you ...
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Where are the side mission rewards in Watch Dogs?

First check and see if you really did complete the mission, and if so it really should be in your weapon wheel. I played the game out and by the end it can be easy to miss some of your weapons. It ...
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