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Unable to log into Pokemon Go on mobile data but can on wifi

Exact same issue here, and I am also using Moto G too. I've put the issue into Niantic's online bug submission but I reckon that will lead to a long wait for answers. ANSWER - confirmed on my Moto G ...
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Why is Wifi seen as bad for online gaming

Online games are not just sensitive to latency (measured by ping) and bandwidth (measured by speedtest, etc), but also to variance in latency, called jitter, as well as the overall reliability of the ...
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Unable to log in to Pokemon GO through mobile data but WiFi works

I've been experiencing the exact same problem and finally figured out what was causing this. Turned out I had disabled Google Play Store from using background data when not on WiFi, enabling this ...
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How to get Wii U to connect to SOCKS5 proxy?

As stated here and other forums, the Wii U cannot connect to socks5 proxies (I believe it only supports standard HTTP proxies). If you are still having issues with Error Code 103-2101, you can read ...
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Unable to play Age of Empires: Rise of Rome over LAN in Windows 10

Since Rise of Rome connects successfully with Windows 7 and this latter is obviously connected through local ip which is the ip for "Wireless network connection" Now the The reason for ...
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How do I make Minecraft LAN games show up over WiFi?

If you have an 'unused' PC sitting around somewhere (doesn't everyone?) you could turn it into a Minecraft Server on your local network. Alternatively if you have a 'beefy' (lots of ram and a speedy ...
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Find out why I am getting network-Wifi Lag on TF2?

Does it happen on different servers, official and community? If you can, try playing on the same network and server, but on different device and consider reinstalling your Wi-Fi drivers and updating ...
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How to create a wifi hotspot without password / with WEP security?

I have your same problem. You get that error because your configuration does not support hosted networks, or simply you don't have the specific driver. You can check this typing in an admin command ...
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Unable to log into Pokemon Go on mobile data but can on wifi

In addition to момокоs answer (i am not allowed to add comments yet), check the apps permissions on your phone. Since Android 5 i think you are able to block some/all of them. Maybe you disabled ...
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Unable to log in to Pokemon GO through mobile data but WiFi works

I had the same frustrating issue for about 3 weeks. Could login to Pokemon Go every time through WiFi but gets stuck on the login screen every time through mobile network. What finally worked for me (...
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Unable to log in to Pokemon GO through mobile data but WiFi works

Check to see if your Google Services has restricted background data, I unchecked my one and started working. You can do this the same way as the Google Play Services one.
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How to connect via LAN without Wi-Fi or Ethernet

If you plug your computer straight into the router with an Ethernet cable and everything works fine then your Internet connection is probably fine it's your WiFi that's messed up. Assuming you've ...
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