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How is the Wii Wheel detected?

The wheel icon is shown when the player is using tilt steering with the Wiimote-only controls. It does not matter whether the wheel accessory is involved, which cannot be detected anyway, as it is ...
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Can I play Metroid Prime for Wii U just using gamepad?

No, you can't. For all original Wii games, the original control schemes are still required.
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Can i play multiplayer Wiiu games on a gamepad and a wii remote?

Short Answer: Kinda Yes. Longer Answer: The WiiU requires the Gamepad for all of it's games. (Even if the pad is unused, it'll still be on and displaying something.) If a game support multiplayer, it'...
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Can i play multiplayer Wiiu games on a gamepad and a wii remote?

I can personally confirm it is possible to play two player with only one Wii U Gamepad and one Wiimote for many games including Super Smash Bros Wii U. Compatibility purely depends on what the ...
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Using Mouse as Wiimote IR in Cemu Emulator

This may not be the answer you are looking for, but I do have an alternate solution, one which you may have already looked into; using the gamepad touch controls for Pikmin 3 instead of a wiimote. ...
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Wii remotes won't sync to Wii

Try to hold both sync buttons on the Wii and controller or unplug the Wii and replug it in after 5 minutes.
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How do I turn on the Gamepad's IR without turning on the Wii U itself?

Short answer: You can't. Long answer: You could mod the gamepad to only turn on the gamepad's Sensor Bar, but if you could do that, you'd have significantly better options to choose from. The "...
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Considering buying a Wii from Craigslist, what should I be looking out for?

Suggest ebay instead of craigslist, and select a seller with tons of good ratings and a return policy, that also uses paypal. Modded: look for "homebrew". Often adds little cost to the box and saves ...
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Wiimote disconnects everytime

If "loses connections" means "the pointer vanishes"... ...TL;DR, it could be the sensor in the top of your Wiimote malfunctioning. The way a Wiimote works is actually the opposite ...
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Did the Wiimote Strap come in colors other than white and black?

They did, but apparently only in Japan.
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Is possible to connect a Wiimote to a USB Port for power?

Short answer no. Longer answer probably At one point I had a third party, rechargeable battery pack that had a usb port on the back, it likely worked while plugged in but I have misplaced it and ...
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Dolphin emulator: Nunchuck stuck in forward right direction

From an answer from one of the developers of Dolphin (archive): This is a bug in the current version of Dolphin. It only affects hybrid Wiimote mode, emulated Wiimote mode works. Hybrid Wiimote was ...
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Does the Wii/Wii U sensor bar need to be plugged into the console to function?

Technically, you dont need a sensor bar. The wii U gamepad has a built in sensor for wii motion controls. If you can position the gamepad appropriately, it functions, okay.... The best way is to ...
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Why is my Wii U having massive fits of controller lag?

You have significant wireless interference. The Wii Remotes use a Bluetooth wireless connection, which is a 2.4 GHz frequency. The problem is that many other devices use this same frequency including ...
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Wii controllers keep losing connection. What can I do?

I had the same problem. When I wanted to change my batteries to see if that would solve the problem, I noticed a tiny piece of cloth in the battery case. I removed it with some pliers and it started ...
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