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No, it does not. Nintendo currently only sells a small fraction of the Virtual Console titles on the Wii U as they are converted to Wii U for controller compatibility and other reasons. You can still purchase these games on the Wii U from within the Wii virtual machine environment via the Shop Channel and Nintendo is still distributing games for the Wii ...


At a guess, there's not enough room for the game to be copied back to the system. The Nintendo Wii's SD card support works by copying the game back to the system storage before running it. Then, when you're finished with the game/program, it deletes it again. This works differently on the 3DS or WiiU where the game is run directly from the SD card.


As long as you have an external storage medium with enough storage for the games, it's possible. You can keep the games on this medium, and then you can use the method here to play them off of the medium. Put your SD card into your computer You need to download the D2X CIOS INSTALLER Extract it into the apps folder of your sd card. Extract D2X-V10-...

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