Bypassing regional pricing with a VPN is usually regarded as unethical and generally against the terms of service, but not illegal -- i.e., your account could possibly be terminated (though it is unlikely), but you probably won't be prosecuted, fined, or sued. For games like Minecraft, which are not strictly region-locked, it is true that after redemption, ...


VirtualBox can’t efficiently run “heavy” applications like Minecraft, as it is emulating an entire computer, which takes a lot of processing power for that process alone. Additionally, VirtualBox can only use around a third of the host computer’s power, in order that it won’t cause the host to crash. But don’t be alarmed, as VirtualBox will always run worse ...


I fixed the farm. I added a flip flop so that the pistons are activated once for each 2 clock cycles. The clock can work either in 1 click or 2 clicks, so the pistons are activated each 2 or 4 clicks. I removed the slabs and placed the water one more block above (that is 2 blocks above the pistons) Enjoy your XP!

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