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Technical Difficulties Running C&C Generals/Zero Hours on Windows 8.1

Just go to the Documents, look for Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data. There you can find the options.ini: edit it or if not, just create it using notepad. Copy the following in it: ...
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Can't install Minecraft Forge .JAR file in Windows 8

Answer posted by OP in comments ahh hah, ok so a little more digging and i found out that for some odd reason, even though the game runs just fine, but she didnt have java installed, or at least ...
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Sims 3: Aging options are greyed out

According to an EA Community Manager on the help forums: You have to start a new game or load one of your saves to be able to change the aging options. They can be set differently for each saved ...
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Global Operations don't work on Windows 8.1

Right Click ArchClient.exe and select Properties. Then go to Compatibility tab. Check Run program in compatibility mode for:. Select Windows xp service pack 3. Check Run program as administrator. ...
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