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I went to a shop looking to buy a newer card, but they told me that most likely my old computer's motherboard would not support the current generation of graphics cards. That's a half-truth and possibly an attempt to upsell you. FIRST OF ALL: figure out what motherboard you have. PCIe 2.0 was introduced in 2007 so there is a very high chance that you have ...


Blizzard is aware that some older DirectX 11 cards without Shader Model 5 support are no longer compatible after the updates. They are working on a fix that will allow players to continue to play on older cards, but it will take a couple weeks for them to implement this. For the last few ...


This is unfortunately something that happens with every major/minor patch. The check against your addons happen every time you log in until the addons are patched or removed. Your best way to avoid this message is to just disable them (as much as you don't want to). And then re-enable them when the addon has been updated. What you're asking the game to do is ...


Based on the Wowhead discussion of the NPC there isn't a definitive answer, but it seems that you have to be on one of the Outland breadcrumb quests, for example Warchief's Command: Outland.

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