Wrath of the Lamb: Eternal Update is the newest expansion to The Binding of Isaac - Wrath of the Lamb developed by Game Squid. Adds Eternal bosses, a new room, a new Trinket and 15 new achievements to the base DLC.

The Binding of Isaac: Eternal Edition (Eternal Update or V1.666) is an official free DLC-like expansion to The Binding of Isaac, which adds a new Hard Mode, as well as fixing some long existing bugs. The DLC was developed by Florian Himsl (the original programmer of the game) and released for free on Steam on May 05, 2015, for anyone who owns Wrath of the Lamb.

Global changes:

  • Hard mode added (shows a white pentagram on the bottom left corner of the screen in game)
  • The size of the health bar now scales with the number of heart containers up to 48 visible hearts.
  • New enemies and room patterns added.
  • Item pools changed
  • New title screen (Eternal God) added that appears after getting all Eternal Edition secrets.

Hard Mode changes:

  • New eternal champion version of bosses and enemies added
  • Eternal Challenge Room added (where you can fight several eternal enemies and bosses for an Angel Room item)
  • Eternal transformation added, that gives you flight if you get 7 health upgrades from eternal hearts.
  • Rerolling an item with the D6 can fail and make the item disappear (based on luck).

General Information

  • Release date: May 5, 2015
  • Designers: Florian Himsl
  • Distributor: Valve Corporation