Twilight Princess HD primarily features graphcal upgrades, as the name suggests, moving from the 480p resolution of the original to the standard 1080p of the Wii U. Like Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD includes Hero Mode, which causes Link to take double damage from all enemies, removes recovery hearts from the game, and mirrors the entire world (...


The Poes inside dungeons are not counted in the totals on the world map. Each dungeon has its own count that you can see when you are inside. Note that the Poes in grottos/mini-dungeons are counted in the world map totals. Here are the number of Poes in each dungeon for reference: Arbiter's Grounds: 4 Snowpeak Ruins: 3 Temple of Time: 2 City in the Sky: 2


The game only saves data to the Amiibo if you've completed the cave, or as much of the cave as you've unlocked, with more hearts remaining than your previous time. Your Amiibo currently has data with 13 hearts remaining, so you'll only be able to save again if you finish the entire thing with 13.25 or more hearts. If you finish it with all 20 hearts, you ...

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