Yes it is always faster to roll. By how much depends on the game, so let's break it down a bit. All of this information was found on the ZeldaSpeedRuns website, which has in-depth mechanical information compiled by the community of Zelda speedrunners. All of the values provided are in units per frame. Ocarina of Time In Ocarina of Time, your standard ...


Twilight Princess HD primarily features graphcal upgrades, as the name suggests, moving from the 480p resolution of the original to the standard 1080p of the Wii U. Like Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD includes Hero Mode, which causes Link to take double damage from all enemies, removes recovery hearts from the game, and mirrors the entire world (...


The Poes inside dungeons are not counted in the totals on the world map. Each dungeon has its own count that you can see when you are inside. Note that the Poes in grottos/mini-dungeons are counted in the world map totals. Here are the number of Poes in each dungeon for reference: Arbiter's Grounds: 4 Snowpeak Ruins: 3 Temple of Time: 2 City in the Sky: 2


The Cave of Ordeals entrance is found in the Gerudo Mesa where the missing piece of the Bridge of Eldin used to be. Source: Zeldapedia


It's pretty clear that Midna destroys the Mirror of Twilight to separate the Twilight Realm from Hyrule, since she says, "... Light and shadow can't mix, as we all know. But... Never forget that there's another world bound to this one." Referring to the events that gave progressed thus far in the game. The dialogue of before she breaks the mirror goes: "...


This issue was fixed on March 10, 2016 with Dolphin 4.0-9158. According to the official Dolphin Progress Report for March 2016, this issue was caused by a bug in Apple's OS X Graphics Drivers. It was fixed by developers endrift and Sonicadvance1.


The screenshot was taken at Kakariko Village inside the house of the village shaman, Renado, after showing the item in question to Ilia It is not a horseshoe, but a flute which can be used to call Epona without having to find patches of Horse Grass.


"Game progress" (and with it story progress) usually works through a conjugation of abilities and flags. Depending on which abilities you get and which flags you manage to set, the game will seem to be at a certain point in the story. Abilities are exactly what they sound like. In Zelda, they're mostly items you pick up that let you do things like set ...


The item in question is actually Epona's horse call. It's the final link in a quest to restore Ilia's memory. At this point in the story, Ilia is in Sanctuary, in Kakariko Village. (Sorry, I can't find a corroborating interior shot)


The Zora Prince Escort mission starts in Telma's Bar in Castle Town after you've removed the Twilight from Lanayru Province. You're trying to get the prince to Kakariko Village so that Renado can heal him. After you make it to Kakariko safely,


Most likely to spare the world of light from potentially being attacked and taken over again at some point in the future.


You can't save. I know it sucks, but it doesn't matter since all you can do is do the Cave of Ordeals.

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