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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

Dark Souls by From Software is the spiritual successor to Demon's Souls. The game is a dungeon crawler with an emphasis on its high difficulty levels and punishing the careless player. It is well kno…
261 questions
a discontinued Death Star/city simulation game developed by Disney Mobile & NimbleBit, available on iOS, Android and Windows phones. The player is in charge of building a Death Star & keeping its resi…
259 questions
Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system released on 29th July 2015. Please only use this tag if your question is specific to this version of Windows.
256 questions
a 2011 first-person shooter by Infinity Ward and a direct sequel to Modern Warfare 2. It is sometimes abbreviated to 'MW3'. This tag is specific to MW3, if your question is about the series as a whole…
251 questions
Path of Exile is an online Action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast.
248 questions
Should be used regarding question concerning video game emulation. A video game emulator is a program that allows a computing device to emulate a different OS or video game console's behavior.
245 questions
The Wii U is an eighth generation television console by Nintendo that primarily uses a controller with a built-in touchscreen. Use this tag if the question is about Wii U's operating system, hardware,…
245 questions
XCOM 2 (2016) is the sequel to 2012 remake, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. It was later ported to PS4 and Xbox One …
241 questions
A 2013 version of Terraria, a 2D action-adventure/RPG developed by Re-Logic, for Android and iOS mobile devices.
239 questions
NetHack is a single player roguelike, featuring an extremely complex item system. First seen in July of 1987, the game is licensed under the General Public License (GPL), and updated as time progres…
238 questions
Bukkit is a Minecraft Server mod/wrapper that makes managing and creating servers easier while providing more flexibility with a plugin-based framework. Please note that questions requesting technical…
237 questions
Hardware is a collection of physical elements that comprise a computer system. Computer hardware refers to the physical parts or components of computer such as monitor, keyboard, hard disk, mouse, etc…
233 questions
A 2013 RPG for web browsers, developed by aniwey as a sequel to "Candy box !" The point of the game is to collect and use candy to both advance the mechanics of the game and progress in the story.
225 questions
A farming game for PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, Android/IOS, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch inspired by Harvest Moon. First seen on February 26, 2016, it was developed by ConcernedApe and published by…
224 questions
Diablo II is a dark fantasy/horror-themed hack and slash, with elements of the role playing game and dungeon crawl genres. It was released for Windows and Mac OS in 2000 by Blizzard Entertainment, and…
222 questions
A grand strategy game which allows a player to control any nation in the world from 1444 to 1821.
220 questions
A 2013 cooperative first-person shooter, developed by Overkill Software for Windows, Linux, Xbox 360, and PS3. It was also released to Xbox One and PS4 in June 2015 as the Crimewave Edition. Use this …
219 questions
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a roleplaying game where you play a witcher called Geralt of Rivia, set in a world created by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.
219 questions
A first-person action/puzzle video game, developed by Valve Corporation. It is the sequel to Portal.
216 questions
a first-person shooter and the latest installment of the Battlefield Franchise, developed by DICE and published by EA Games.
212 questions
Questions related to gaming experience with regard to metrics like frames-per-second, video quality, audio-quality, network-latency, overheating etc. Could also be related to overclocking CPU/GPU and …
207 questions
Microsoft Windows is a series of operating systems made by Microsoft. This tag should be used when the question is broadly about Windows (it can apply to more than one version) or when the question re…
205 questions
A 4x/Grand Strategy space game from Paradox Development. It Combines elements from traditional space 4x with the Grand Strategy of titles like Europa Universalis.
202 questions
Networking covers topics that involve connectivity between 2 devices - typically 2 computers or consoles (LAN). It also covers connectivity between a device and the internet at large.
201 questions
A 3rd person co-op shooter, developed by Digital Extremes, for the PC, Xbox One, and PS4. The game includes procedurally generated missions, which are set in space and inside large space ships.
201 questions
For general questions about hosting dedicated game servers either online or locally that are not specific to a game itself. If your question is about a specific game's dedicated server software, pleas…
200 questions
The third game in the Deus Ex first-person role-playing video game series, and a prequel to the original game. It was developed by Eidos Montreal.
197 questions
A keyboard is a standard input device for computers. This tag can be used for questions about game controls, button mapping or gaming-specific hardware.
195 questions
An operating system developed by Microsoft. Please only use this tag if the question is specific to this version of Windows.
192 questions
A 2d sandbox game developed by Chucklefish Games for PC. It is a game about exploring space and planets.
189 questions
for codes, programs and devices that modify gameplay, however we do not allow questions about multiplayer game hacks/exploits that ruin another player's experience for pe…
187 questions
Referring to problems with a graphics card, the graphics processing unit, usually on a PC, or specific settings on a graphics card for a specific game.
186 questions
For compatibility issues with games that are not designed for current generation hardware, like DOS games on 64-bit Windows, fixing garbled Windows XP–era Japanese games, or legal ways to play old con…
186 questions
Torchlight II is an action role-playing game developed by Runic Games, released on 20th September 2012. It is the sequel to Runic's 2009 Action RPG Torchlight, and features peer-to-peer multiplayer su…
186 questions
Role-playing games developed by Game Freak. Pokemon Sun and Moon are the first games released for the 7th generation of Pokémon. Players take on the role of trainers: travelling through the Alola regi…
186 questions
Fallout 3 is a First Person Role Playing game set in the year 2277 in the irradiated wastelands of Washington DC, following a Nuclear Holocaust. It was released by Bethesda Studios in 2008.
184 questions