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I am a recent graduate of New York University in computer science and math, summa cum laude. I started programming because I saw it as a means to perform three of my strongest passions: learning, creating, and supporting others. I enjoy wearing many different hats – I am equally comfortable building web applications using JavaScript, dealing with memory management in C, making high-level design choices in my game development work, and fixing broken wiring with a soldering iron. I am at my best when I am able to infuse my work with a sense of play and am building with others who bring their own passions to what they do. I have little fear of the unknown, and will want to pick the most powerful, versatile solution to a problem, even if it means learning a new technology.

I have recently discovered that I especially like working in data oriented roles. I enjoy the interdisciplinary play between crafting an interesting question, analyzing the data programmatically, and summarizing the findings in reports and visualizations. I am highly inquisitive with strong bents towards quantitative reasoning and visual design, so data science works well with my particular natural strengths. That being said, I am open to opportunities that would allow me to develop relevant skills (particularly Python) or give me the chance to advance into a similar position within a company. I would also be interested in doing work with visualizations and 3D graphics, as I've greatly enjoyed working with Unity, D3.js, and Processing, and would be willing to further pursue routes in that direction.

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