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46 votes

How does one properly utilize Gyms?

21 votes

I've got an "XS" Pokémon. Is it special?

20 votes

Where is the add pokemon button to a friendly gym with only one pokemon in it?

16 votes

How should I prepare for gym fights?

15 votes

Can you receive Incubators from Pokestops?

14 votes

Is a Pokémon's weight and height relevant?

5 votes

Does the Pokémon Storage Upgrade also increase the number of eggs you can hold?

4 votes

What the x means besides the gender icon?

3 votes

Help with textile industry

2 votes

How to change the floor graphic under a workshop?

1 vote

Moods and captured/restrained enemies?

1 vote

How to build cages

0 votes

Where can I find Ghost/Poison/Psychic type Pokémon?

0 votes

Do ghost type Pokémon appear only at night?