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How do I stop Preston Garvey from being hostile to me?
2 votes

If you do not mind a little lost game time you can use the "load" function to go back to a time before you pickpocketed him. So just load an earlier save. This also works well for times when you fall ...

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Preston Garvey won't talk to me at Sanctuary Hills!
0 votes

Yes Sturges said the same to me, over and over. I found that once you complete some of the Minuteman quests then he will speak to you. You can tell when he or others are ready to talk when the ...

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Alternative source for Vertibird Signal Grenades?
-5 votes

Basically you don’t have to do anything to get them, you just have to pick them up. You see, wherever you make an artillery station and assign a worker (see the guide linked above for details) you’ll ...

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