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I have been programming since I was in high school which got me hooked. I started by building websites and doing graphic design until I made my first online game to play Risk in my early 20’s. It was a small community of around 2000 members, but I was the sole creator using my friends custom built MVC framework he called Tru. Later building more complex websites to manage as many tasks as possible in different organizations to help automate mundane tasks.

I’ve lived in Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, and South Korea. I’ve spent much of my life traveling as a missionary and training others on how to develop things, whether websites or games. I speak Thai fluently and very basic German.

My passion is automation and organization. I thrive in tasks where I can accomplish one of these passions. Organizing massive amounts of information into easy to read and process data or simplifying tasks to allow programs to do the majority of the work. I am very focused on usability and I highly depend on tests to take away the stress of worrying that changes will break something else. The more situations a test can account for the better.

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