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CreateTexture failed(8007000E)
3 votes

I was able to solve this problem by switching to the 64-bit client.

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Is this email claiming to be from Blizzard legit?
1 votes

Whenever you get an email that you're suspicious of, you can open up the full message header. This is a record of how the message got to you. In Outlook 2010, go to File -> Properties -> Internet ...

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Is it possible to get simpler maps in Skyrim?
0 votes

I'm not aware of any 2d maps yet. However, you can get rid of the clouds and remove the navigation restrictions with these modifications to Skyrim.ini.

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How can I return to Skyrim after switching to Windows?
3 votes

Another option is this Borderless Windowed Fullscreen mod, but it's going to lower your framerate.

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How am I supposed to kill the frost troll?
13 votes

I encountered one on the way to High Hrathgar, not sure what level I was but not too much higher than 10, I don't think. The troll one-shot Lydia, but she gets back up after a little bit, so that will ...

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