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Frederic Adda
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I have been an iOS developer since 2012 (and before that a functional SAP consultant for 15 years). I like simple, elegant UI, and I care a lot about the little details that make a great UX. I currently live in Ra'anana, Israel.

Since May 2022 I work for Nexar in Tel-Aviv, where we develop a solution to make roads safer (with our dash cams).

At Fiverr in Tel-Aviv for 2 years between 2020 and 2022.

Before that, I worked in France as a freelance iOS developer on the following customer apps:

  • BNP Paribas, the app for one of the major French banks,
  • Le livre scolaire, a series of college books reinvented for iPad
  • REVapp, an app to determine the dosage of a drug to cure lymphoma.
  • Zenmob, an app for the transportation & logistics group Geodis
  • Smart Pillow iX21, an companion app for a Bluetooth-connected pillow

A few of my personal applications on the app Store:

  • ZEN Portfolio, a simple yet efficient stocks management app (update: removed from the store after Yahoo killed their Finance API)
  • ZEN BabyBook, an app for young kids where images of animals, fruits, vegetables, etc are spelled in more than 15 different languages
  • ZEN Speller, an app to spell out numbers in plain text, in several languages.
  • Scales & Modes calculator, an app for music theory lovers.
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