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How can I determine the bottleneck for block lag?
2 votes

A basic troubleshooting guide(by no means conclusive, and based on personal experience): For determining the actual cause, try changing settings, disabling/enabling mods, and seeing if anything ...

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I want to unsubscribe to a mod, but in doing so it causes the game to malfunction. Is there a way to fix that?
1 votes

Quite a lot of mods will modify your save too much to be fixed, and they'll often say so on their download page. There are certain inventory editors which can be used to save and edit your inventory - ...

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I've killed the Wall of Flesh but can't get to the loot
-1 votes

If you have any teleportation potions, you may be able to use them and get lucky. It's possible to fish up Chaos Fish from the Underground Hallow to make more, but if you aren't able to get there ...

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