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Learning as much as I can about code. To date the code I'm especially familiar with is:


PL/SQL - Although these days I'm no longer working with Oracle and am learning T-SQL.

I consider myself a "Jack of all trades, master of none" with the exception of SQL and PL/SQL. I worked in an Oracle environment for almost eight years. Other experiences include my work with AngularJS and the ArangoDB Database. With that includes a software platform called Apache Nifi which I used in conjunction with AngularJS and the ArangoDB nosql aka document database.

Working with these three tools introduced me to REST APIs as I was able to use the API that comes with ArangoDB to import and extract data using Apache Nifi. This was very cool and if you have not worked with Apache Nifi it is a very neat tool where it concerns moving, transforming and monitoring data.

I have experience working with .NET and have built tools using C# and Visual Basic. I used .NET to access extract and store data in an Oracle database as well as SQLite. Where it concerns the .NET framework I have utilized Powershell, C# and Visual Basic and wrote code to work with it's libraries. I recently switched industries and now no longer code in .NET. Since I no longer code in .NET and never used it on a daily basis I never 100% mastered these skills. Stackoverflow and google were and still are very good friends of mine.

I recently switched from an Oracle supported application to Microsoft SQL Server. The application I now support is a web based application and therefore I am now being exposed to Javascript, HTML and CSS and I am loving it.

I've come a long way but I have so much further to go.

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