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I'm a .NET developper and during my free time I enjoy playing video games.

Before anything, you should go and take a look at some less known yet wonderful indie games that are available on Steam.

Video games are my hobby and here are the ones that I enjoyed the most through my life :

For the story

  • Beyond Good and Evil : Most beautiful and touching game I've ever played.
  • Alice Madness Return : A true masterpiece. A perfect story in a perfect universe, plus the gameplay is excellent.
  • Bioshock 1,2 and Infinite : We need more Bioshock.
  • Half life 3

For the gameplay

  • Auditorium : if you ever read this and have never played this game, go find it and play it, perfection exists.
  • Trine 1, 2 : If beauty was a fairytail.
  • Portal - Portal 2
  • Antichamber : if you like to feel your brain melt (seriously go play it)
  • Mirror's Edge : Perfect game <3, shame it took so long to get a sequel.
  • FEAR, FEAR Perseus mandate, FEAR Extraction Point : Magnificient, you will feel fear
  • Star Wars KOTOR : in my opinion, one of the (if not the) best RPG ever created.
  • Prince of Persia (the 4th) : Soothing and beautiful

For History

  • The Monkey Island series : A classic that never gets old.
  • Diablo/Diablo 2 : When Blizzard used to know how to video game.
  • Abe's Oddysee : Hello ... Hello ... follow me ... OK !

To satisfy my inner hardcore gamer

  • DotA - DotA 2 : (I still own DotA Allstar v1.0 on W3 and I've played more than 4000h of DotA.
  • Trackmania : Original, Sunrise, Nation, United, etc. I used to play at a competitive level
  • Borderlands 1, 2 : In one sentence - The great Badass Loot-Filled adventure that everyone needs.
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Diablo 3 : It's like I never have enough of this one

If you have to pick one game from this list gor for Auditorium, Beyond good and evil or Alice Madness Return.

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