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I am an avid Minecraft player playing on MCJE and MCBE. I like playing with commands and creating redstone contraptions.

I will be happy to help you answer all your commands-related questions, or to provide helpful tips and tricks about your own commands.

I am also admin on the Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes wiki. Visit me there!

Notice to readers coming from my other posts

If you know how to create command chains but are unfamiliar with the terminology that I'm using in my posts, read on to know the terminology I use in my posts on this topic.

My terminology

In my posts, I will tell you the specifications for your command chain in two parts, the command chain type, and the length. Here is the most popular request I will use:

Create a(n) TYPE command chain of LENGTH blocks.

TYPE of the command chain

The type shows which command block you need to start your chain with. If I say Impulse, start it with an Impulse command block. If I say Repeating, start it with a Repeating command block.

LENGTH of the command chain

The length shows how many commands need to be in your chain. This number includes the starting block that is impulse/repeating.

COMMANDS to go in the command chain

Somewhere in the post, I will provide a list of commands to go in the command chain. The list item 1 goes in command block #1 (the starting one), with 2, 3, and so on in the correct block in the chain.

If I provide a C: before the command, it means that you need to set that command block to CONDITIONAL mode. Do NOT include this C or the SPACE after it in the command: Example:

C: execute if entity @a run say Hello, World!

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