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My name is Cristina Carrasco, I have been working as a .net developer since 2007, developing many Windows forms and web applications.

Most recent experience, since 2020, is working with Azure in different types of projects like App services, storage accounts, vault keys, azure AD, app registration, app insights, devops, logic apps, functions, data factory, data lake, and more.

I have plenty experience working with C# on Web environment, starting with ASP.NET Web Forms and ending up with The .net Core MVC. I’m a Full-Stack developer, but I’m stronger at Back-End. As a Front-End I know a few JavaScript Frameworks like jQuery, AngujarJs and Angular.

Also, I have experience working on Windows Forms using the Visual Basic .net language along with the Infragistics Framework. My Database experiences is mostly with SQL Serve: creating data bases, tables, constrains, index, stored procedures, functions, jobs.

I have always been interested in computers and technologies, which is why I chose to follow this career path. I consider myself a geek and a gamer (PC); I would love to build a game some day. I like to fix hardware, disassemble things, and change components.


• 15+ years of experiences in the IT industry building software and web applications.

• Extensive experience in UI Development, Web UI analysis, Web design, coding, testing, implementation and support.

• Extensive experience in developing Web based applications and Client/server applications using HTML5, CSS3, MVC, Razor, C#, SQL, Entity Framework.

• Experience building UI using Bootstrap and Angular Material.

• Extensive experience with Infragisctis Framework and Windows Forms, Telerik Framework and Web.

• Expecience bulding and publishing a ASP applications in IIS.

• Strong knowledge of best practices for C# coding.

• Experience modeling databases with SQL.

• Actively took part in all the phases of the development life-cycle including design, architecture, implementation, release, unit testing, refactoring and maintenance.

• Experience designing User Experience and creating components, templates, prototypes and mockups of differents features and web pages.

• Used GIT & SVN for version control, GitFlow.

• Good experience designing large scale applications using TypeScript and Angular.

• Actively took part defining business rules for the new software to develop.

• Experience using Scrum methodologies.

• Azure Devops, Azure Data Factory, Azure functions, Azure logic apps, Azure Storage Account, Azure DataLake, Azure Sql Data Base.

• Quick learning abilities, autodidactic skills and team work.

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