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I'm a Tinkerer with no "formal" training but, because i tend to work with repurposed and reconfigured office machines sold in lots of 100 or so i've come across things that most "IT professionals" would pull their hair out trying to get nailed down... I have 28 years of buying entire office networks from server racks to the routers, bridges, and individual user machines at auction and then reworking them for the average low-end consumer to use.

the kind of thing i see.... i once took a lot of 60 dell optiplex machines that had to be daisy-chained together and then separated from the network one-by-one from the last in line to the first to ensure they would boot due to them requiring the previous machine in line to be running in order to find its operating system on the smb network... ( it took me over 7 hours just to get them in the right order then i had to reconfigure each to install the os and boot from disk instead of the previous machine's smb server ) <that's the last time i ever did anything with samba.... now if I see it's an issue i'll resell as a lot just to break even.....

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