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I have a long history of programming, starting back when I was 8 yrs old. I can usually pick up any programming language with ease, and I have used C/C++ since the late 80's, and VB (in its various forms) since the mid 90's. I have, in the past, learned Assembly language, Pascal, Delphi (was part of the slavanap open-napster server team), and I am currently using C Sharp in Unity/MonoDevelop to code 3d games. I've used SQL in combination with C# and VB.Net making software used by GM and its suppliers in Michigan for 3 yrs. Lately, since installing Kubuntu, I've been working on cross platform applications development.

I also have a strong proficiency with Autodesk Maya, and Maya LT. I prefer using the 2014 versions. My latest projects include developing Facebook games (with the Unity/Facebook SDK) and going deeper into Client/Server applications utilizing SQL and the .NET framework.

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