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How do I access unlocked weapons in Dead Cells?
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8 votes

After you have unlocked the weapon by spending 10 cells, and getting it right there, it starts to spawn randomly in the dungeon. It can also be a starting weapon, if you have unlocked the ...

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How do you farm the solar eclipse? If you can, what is the design?
4 votes

Now that 1.3 is here, you can trigger the Solar Eclipse at will, like most other events. After you have gotten access to the temple inside the jungle, you can farm solar shards to create solar ...

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Is the Hallow & Crimson/Corruption "V" random or predetermined?
3 votes

I was facing a similar issue. I had the "perfect" world, with corruption only on the Dungeon side, with the hope to get Hallow on the Jungle side. But to no avail, everytime I killed the Wall of ...

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Are the missions in The Settlers II 10th Anniversary the same as the original missions?
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While the rough storyline is the same, the missions themselves are different. It has been ages that i played the original, so i am not sure really sure how the difficulty differs, but i never beat the ...

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