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18 votes

What effects do the enchantments "Lure" and "Luck of the Sea" have?

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How can I make it easy for a player to select a choice at a rail junction?

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How to spawn the wither

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Joining an iPad-hosted game from Android

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How can I prevent a world from getting too large without installing plug-ins?

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Minecraft server 1.6.2 (Vanilla), keepinventory

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In Minecraft how do I make a video with my secound account moving around by itself?

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Nether Portal - How far away do I have to be for pigmen to spawn?

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I cant play minecraft

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How do I make Chiseled Stone Bricks in Minecraft?

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Running LoL on guest account on mac

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Admins On My Minecraft Server

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How should I search for Jungles and Jungle Temples in Minecraft?

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How can i join a minecraft server that is not located within my local network