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I'm a self-educated techie (though I also did courses later on). I started out on the Atari 65 XE and have since moved on to bigger and better machines (though I still love me some River Raid or Boulder Dash action!).

I do coding in PHP and C++ (and various variants of C in use by microcontroller companies like Atmel). I write web pages, programs (now some OS X apps, too), and I solve technical problems. I can read most everything, maybe excluding ancient stuff like COBOL.

I'm handy with a soldering iron, though I always fail the basic electronics tests - I use a good friend of mine for all the knowledge I can pump him for. I'm probably much more dangerous this way, but I can fix TVs and some PC hardware in a pinch, so I'm somewhat excused, for now.

I'm a gamer through-and-through, and I prefer to indulge myself in some FPS/RPG action primarily. 8-bit graphics are a sweet, sweet memory to me, and I'm not frazzled by chiptune music (try Pixelh8, he's great!).

As of 2011, I find myself employed as a video editor at a professional video studio, so I'm also much more familiar with Mac's Pro Apps (Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X) and video editing in general than I was.

I also love to play with flying things (anything with spinning blades will do, mostly multicopters), but I don't see how this might relate. A bit of trivia, if you will.

Oh, and I like cats. But don't we all?

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