I've just started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and noticed that certain mission rewards seem to be locked and dissapear when I 'Accept' the mission end dialog. There's a tooltip that mentions subscribers but I can't recall the precise wording.

Are these locked rewards, which seem so far to only be credit lockboxes, only available to subscribers or can I get them by adding some Cartel Coins and becoming a preferred player? I've tried searching but haven't found a definitive answer only a lot of forum rage about lockbox gambling in general.

Secondly is there any way to recover these lockboxes if I become a subscriber or are they gone forever?

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Yes, some rewards are only for subs. See this for the rationale.

They're only for current subscribers, and there's no way to go back and get past rewards once you've subbed. Some details on what Preferred players get: this Support article and the comparison grid.

Note that this is separate from the credit escrow — any credits you gain while you have more than 200k (as F2P) are given back to you if you sub.

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