I managed to get my hands on an Alchemy Machine in Don't Starve. This machine gives me access to the Tier 2 crafting prototypes compared to the Science Machine's Tier 1 prototypes.

However, I'm not sure if I can destroy my Science Machine now that I have my Alchemy Machine. Will I lose access to the Science Machine recipes?

What happens if I destroy my Science Machine with an Alchemy Machine in place?

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The wiki appears to say that an Alchemy Machine can be used to prototype everything that the Science Machine can:

The Science Machine is used to unlock tier 1 items, and the Alchemy Engine is used to unlock tier 1 and tier 2 items, making the Alchemy Engine the higher level Prototyping machine.

I believe I've seen this for myself, standing by my Alchemy Machine and prototyping Tier 1 technology. Therefore, you should be able to destroy your Science Machine with no negative effects.


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