As far as I understand, FOF missiles used to be rather dangerous to use in high-sec as they could attack neutral targets and cause CONCORD to destroy the ship using them.

A lot has changed in that area with the complete overhaul of Crimewatch. So I'm wondering how FOF missiles are affected by the safety setting?

If I set my safety to green, can FOF missiles still attack targets that would cause a CONCORD reaction? And how would the behaviour of FOF missiles change if I set my safety to orange or red?

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FOF missiles have been rather safe to use for years now. Back in Revelation II, they were changed from attacking the closest object/target/ship/anything in space to only attacking mission rats and large collidable objects in high-sec, and any ships and large collidable objects in low- and null-sec.

What's dangerous about them is that they have a penance to choose large collidable objects instead of players or rats, making them a massive wastage factor along with their diminutive ability to reduce the mission rats' combined DPS on your ship.

A general rule of thumb regarding FoF-missiles: recycle them.


According to this reddit thread FOF missiles are supposed to only attack valid targets (that won't get you CONCORDed) however there are a sufficient number of bugs and caveats to this that you should still expect to get your ship blown up if you use them.

  • I used them in a Serpentis Blockade without problems. I don't think your answer is doing the mechanics justice.
    – user28015
    Jun 14, 2013 at 14:42

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