What are all the achievements for Papers, Please?

It appears some are tied to obtaining certain tokens, but what about the others?


According to the Papers, Please wiki, there are 7 regular achievements that are tied to getting each of the 7 tokens as mentioned in the question you linked.

There are also 6 hidden achievements. They are:

  • Glory to Arstotzka - Ignore all EZIC requests and work dutifully (day 31, ending 20)
  • Hired Rifle - Kill the man in red for EZIC (day 23, ending 9)
  • Member of the Order - Help EZIC overthrow the government (day 31, ending 19)
  • Snowier Pastures - Escape to Obristan with all family members (days 29-31, ending 18)
  • Too Honest - Turn over EZIC docs to M.O.I investigator (day 12, ending 3)
  • Worker's Best - Acquire a Class-5 Apartment (day 24 at the earliest)
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