Mr Bonding is the guy that hands out O-Powers (such as Capture Power, or Attack Power) for you to use on your friends. However I've only found him twice, once in the Gateway to Route 5, and once in Hotel Ambrette (Ambrette Town).

So, what other locations does he show up in?

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    So far I've seen Mr. Bonding in every city or town in either a hotel or the Poké Center. Not too sure if I met him in Lumiose City, though...
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Mr Bonding Locations

Route 5

  • Attack Power
  • Defense Power
  • HP Restoring Power
  • Capture Power

Anistar City Pokémon Cente

  • Exp. Point Power

Cyllage City Hotel

  • Prize Money Power

Camphier Hotel

  • Sp. Attack Power

Ambrette Hotel

  • Sp. Defense Power

Dendemille Town Pokémon Center

  • Accuracy Power

Geosenge Hotel

  • Speed Power

Courmarine City Pokémon Center

  • Befriending Power

Laverre City Pokémon Center

  • Encounter Power (NOTE: cannot be sent to other people)

Couriway Town Hotel

  • Stealth Power (NOTE: cannot be sent to other people)

Snowbelle City

  • PP Restoring Power

Lumiose City - Hotel Richissime

  • Bargain Power

Shalour City - Pokémon Center

  • Critical Power
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There is also a Hatching O-Power, which cuts the amount of steps needed to hatch eggs.

You must collect all the other O-Powers first, as well as have a high style-rating.

Once you have sufficient style, you can find Mr Bonding in Café Introversion (South Boulevard, Lumiose City)

I found that I needed to:

  • Buy clothes from the Expensive Boutique
  • Make a PR video
  • Complete at least one of the courses at each restaurant (Le Nah/Yeah/Wow and Sushi High roller) with perfect timing (no more or less moves than what was stated for each course)
  • The Hotel Richimme jobs (until the pay increases to $50k).

This brought the Mega Stone cost down to $50k, and Taxis were giving me discounts. Mr Bonding appeared in the Cafe Introversion as well.


I have made it to the final gym, and have found him all subsequent times either in the upper right-most room of the town's hotel, or staring into the corner of the Poké Center by the changing room.

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