I am building a Drizzle team (All Pokemon gain boosts from rain) for Pokemon X and Y. What non-banned Pokemon gets the ability naturally? This Pokemon has to be one that is available for random online battles and following legendary rules.

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    Side note: Rain (and other weather effects) got a fairly decent nerf in Pokemon X/Y - Weather caused by Drizzle/Sand stream etc no longer last 'forever', they run out just like Rain Dance and Sandstorm. Keep this in mind if you're reading about tactics from Generation 5 (Black/White) – Robotnik Dec 19 '13 at 3:05

According to Bulbapedia, only Politoed and Kyogre can have Drizzle, and Politoed only gets it as a hidden ability.


Politoed is a good pokemon that has the ability drizzle. The only thing is, Politoed only gets drizzle as a hidden ability.

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