In Bravely Default if you meet certain conditions during battle, such as taking no damage, defeating all enemies in one turn, or defeating 2+ enemies with a single attack, you get bonuses after battle. If you do it in multiple battles in a row, you can get upgraded versions of these bonuses. What are the possible bonuses, and what benefit do they provide?

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There are three combat bonus "types": 1-Turn Victor, Unscathed, and Sweeper. 1-Turn Victor boosts the amount of EXP you get from the battle, Unscathed increases the number of JP (Job Points) you get, and Sweeper boosts how much money you receive.

Each of these bonuses come in three gradations: normal, Ace, and Hero. These grades are earned after 1, 5, and 10 battles in a row respectively. The amount of extra points that each combat bonus gives depends on what monsters you are fighting as they are percent increases, rather than flat increases. Normal grants a 10% increase, Ace is 20%, and Hero earns you 50% more.


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