When using King Dedede's side+b attack, he can launch a variety of different objects:

  • A round waddling guy who is rather useless
  • A round waddling guy who shoots lightning occasionally
  • A spikey black thing that deals good damage and has good knockback
  • An item capsule

Are there any other options I missed? What is the probability of each of these occurring?


There is a 71.4% chance of him throwing a Waddle Dee, a 20.4% chance of throwing a Waddle Doo, and a 8.2% chance of him throwing a Gordo. The chance of an item being thrown appears to be "the same or slightly less than the chance of throwing a Gordo". (I guess what this means is the game makes the item calculation, and if the result is no, it does the monster calculation.) [Source]

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