So I'm playing through mass effect 3 and I need to go back and get reference shots from certain levels.

I was too used to steam and got this on on origins so all my screen shots didn't take. I need them for reference material for a project.

Specifically the comm tower on palaven. I now have a screen cap system in place but that mission takes a bit to get to so I don't want to run through the intro of the game again just to get there.


You can use a tool to edit your save (you create a game, save and quit) to modify everything, even you actual progress, and select the mission you want.

You can try with Gibbed Mass Effect 3 Save Editor, which is the most popular an easy-to-use editor. Here how to use it: http://benchmark3d.com/mass-effect-3-save-game-editor

Here you have the mission code (from this source):

59915 Priority: Palaven

You can use this code under the Plot Mass Effect 3 tab, and Missions sub tab.

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  • @kotekzot I was searching for a good tutorial – SysDragon Aug 8 '14 at 7:11
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    Still doesn't explain how to actually load a particular mission. – kotekzot Aug 8 '14 at 7:31

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