I have two starcraft accounts on different regions - one on NA server and another on EU. Right now I have the NA client installed, which means I can only log into the NA battle.net.

What is the best solution for me to be able to play on my EU account? My only 2 options seem ridiculously heavy:

  1. Uninstall / reinstall
  2. Use a different computer (or dual boot or something; I assume virtual machine isn't going to work)

I have read threads about people just swapping the Core.SC2Mod\Base.SC2Data file, but all references to that technique appear to be many months old, and I am wondering especially how the pros do it. I assume they must switch servers frequently, and they are probably also sensitive to Blizzard's ToS.


It might sound a bit trivial, but did you try installing the N.A client and E.U client on different folders?

Personally I play League of Legends on N.A and E.U servers as well, and I got them installed on 2 different folders with 2 different desktop launch Icons and they work OK.

According to: StarCraft II EU and NA on same MACHINE ? apparently the split-up folders solution work, however you might want to give a try to: SC2 Client Relocalization

  • Trying now; seems promising so far. I was annoyed at the installer audio until I realized the like 3x3 pixel button to disable it. Phew! Stay tuned... – tenfour Apr 18 '11 at 14:54
  • Indeed it is as simple as that. I just installed to c:\program files\sc2EU and now I can play either quite easily, no scripts, no hacks. Just 2 different shortcuts on my desktop. Thank you. – tenfour Apr 18 '11 at 16:26
  • Glad it worked! and you are welcome =] – camiloqp Apr 18 '11 at 16:34

I not tested it but try to create another account in windows and install EU client. So you'll just need to log-in under another user to have another environment for game.

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