I'm trying to determine how my farmers factor into my bonuses, and I just can't make the math work out.

Is there an easy way to calculate what my catnip production will be given the following factors?

  • Number of fields
  • Number of aquaducts
  • Whether or not you have mineral or iron hoes
  • Karma/paragon bonuses

I know these are various +x or *1.x or whatever, but I'm having trouble nailing down where the parentheses would go - which of these stack multiplicatively, additively, etc.

What is the master catnip production formula?

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This is the general resource production formula, taken from the FAQ:

perTick = (building output * season modifier + job output * upgrades * happiness) * building % effects + automatic effects - consumption * consumption % effects
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    And remember to apply the order of operations correctly: PEMDAS
    – DrRandy
    May 6, 2015 at 21:28

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