Question is straight forward. Say you didn't complete any of the daily quests yet or you don't play HotS much.

How many of them a player can hold?


You can only have three quests available at any given time.

A few things to note regarding these:

  • When "quest 4" would have come around, it does not erase an old quest to make room, you continue to have the three prior and none "queue" up.
  • Everyone is given a random quest each day, meaning that your friend and you could have got two completely different quests.
  • You cannot have two completely identical quests at the same time. i.e. You'll never have two "Play Diablo characters" quests, but you could have a "Play StarCraft characters" and a "Play Diablo characters."
  • You can progress through multiple quests at a time. So if you had a 'Support' and 'Warcraft', you could play Lili and make progress towards both.

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