I am building an underground orchard in Minecraft. What is the minimum height the ceiling needs to be in order for trees to grow?


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Back when there was only one kind of sapling, it was easy: you needed 6 blocks of headroom. However now there are many types of tree, each with different requirements. Each sapling type requires this amount of space above the sapling:

  • Oak needs 5+ spaces
  • Birch needs 6+ spaces
  • Spruce needs 7+ spaces (single sapling)
  • Jungle needs 7+ spaces (single sapling)
  • Acacia needs 7+ spaces

As for the trees which require saplings be placed in a 2x2 square:

  • Giant Jungle needs 13+ spaces
  • Giant Spruce needs 16+ spaces
  • Dark Oak needs 7+ spaces

Source: Minecraft Wiki

  • I put 4 jungle trees into a 10x16x20 room and it still isn't growing after many hours and bonemeal.
    – Crubleigh
    Aug 19, 2015 at 5:29

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