How do I /setblock a sign with text?

I've tried

/setblock ~ ~1 ~ minecraft:wall_sign 5 {id:"Sign",Text1:"hi;,Text2:""}

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In commands, the order of arguments is important. This is the syntax of /setblock:

/setblock <x> <y> <z> <TileName> [dataValue] [oldBlockHandling] [dataTag]

You have given /setblock a [dataTag] argument where [oldBlockHandling] should be, so it doesn't do anything with it.

You will need to give an old block handling mode, such as replace before you give the data tag.

Although likely a typo, it is also important to have correct a JSON format. You have put a ; where a " is needed.

The corrected command should be:

/setblock ~ ~1 ~ wall_sign 5 replace {Text1:"hi",Text2:""}
  • Does this still work? The wiki says you also need Text3 and Text4, otherwise the text will not appear. Nov 27, 2017 at 10:14

Try this: /setblock ~ ~1 ~ wall_sign 5 [replace|destroy|(none)] {Text1:"{\"text\":\"Your Text Here\"}"} << never forget to use backslashes before an opening or closing quotation.

If you want it to have colors: /setblock ~ ~1 ~ wall_sign 5 {Text1:"{\"text\":\"Your Text Here\",\"color\":\"your_color\"}"} << on using colors, for spacing (such as red or dark red), use an underscore to indicate it as space ; see colors here: http://minecraft.tools/en/color-code.php , use the color names; never forget to use backslashes before an opening or closing quotations, right :) .

For text styles: /setblock ~ ~1 ~ wall_sign 5 {Text1:"{\"text\":\"Your Text Here\",\"color\":\"your_color\",\"bold\":\"true\"}"} << existing style tags: bold, italic, underline, obfuscated (or randomizing text) only use boolean responses on these tags (like true or false. 0 or 1 is not accepted.);

To put text on appropriate text line: For 1st line: Text1 tag; For 2nd line: Text2 tag; For 3rd line: Text3 tag; For 4th line: Text4 tag; (take note that these Text~ tags have same tags inside, like the colors and style tags); (also take note that signs only have 4 lines :) .)

Want all lines to be put? Use them altogether.

  • You don't need it to be so complicated. The text in Text1 can just be a regular string instead of JSON, if you just want to display a normal text. In general you wrote a lot of things that were not asked. Maybe search for a question that actually requires JSON and answer there, if noone did yet. Nov 27, 2017 at 10:16
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