In the Heroes of the Storm Versus A.I. game mode I can create a game with nothing but A.I. teammates, meaning that there are no other human characters in the game. Once I start a Versus A.I. game with only A.I. opponents and teammates can I quit that game without negatively affecting my MMR, win/loss record or any other stat?

I understand why a Versus A.I. game with human teammates would affect my stats, but can see it going either way with A.I. teammates.

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I can confirm that dropping a vs. AI game will be permanently recorded, and will count as a loss in your records.

I dropped an AI game simply because I didn't have the time to finish and was dissapointed to see that my loss (which wasn't really a loss, I was winning) was logged in my records. And it will sit there, forever taunting me.


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