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I am about two-thirds into the main missions in The Phantom Pain and I've felt a need to get the cutscene from the trailer where:

two Diamond Dog mercenaries fight each other, then one of them pulls a knife and Big Boss steps in to stop them.

Does this cutscene just happen at a specific point of time during regular gameplay and if not, how do you trigger it?

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    I'm only at 11% completion and just reached this scene. I basically did every single side op available and did 9 of the main missions (skipped 7 and 8). After capturing a particular soldier, I saw that scene after 2 or 3 visits (that opened with cutscenes) back to mother base. What triggered it? Don't know, but I figure you need to visit mother base regularly to trigger these scenes. Commented Sep 6, 2015 at 10:40

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This cut-scene happens when morale drops to a very low point at Motherbase. Morale will decrease over time when you have not visited it in a while. Sometimes you will get certain events that trigger it additionally and you will see "Morale has decreased" on the screen in the notification area.

For those interested the cut-scene is here: Low Morale MGS5


I think it triggers when morale in low. Spent to much GMP and went into the red without noticing.


One thing just comes to my mind, that having staff with the Troublemaker skill might just help here, in addition to having low morale. ;3

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