I was looking for the various weapons and weapon upgrades for Yuki in The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. I don't need the locations, just a list. There should only be a small number of weapons and upgrades I think (< 10).

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I am told:

  • Claws (first stage only)
  • Conviction (replaces claws and gotten from the first boss)
  • Machine arm: chainsaw
  • Machine Arm: Chain gun (shotgun attachment gained later on)
  • Painkiller (giant needle)
  • Cloud Sword (behold the power of the clouds)
  • Kamas (Yup no longer belongs to the dishwasher in this game)

The Dishwasher:

  • Shift Blade (starts out with it. Missing some combos from the first game)
  • Violence Hammer (Uber strong but slow)
  • Uzi (Gains shotgun later on)
  • Guillotine(Giant Scissors baby)
  • Cleavers (upgradable this time)
  • Squirt gun (This game's version of the arsenal...except it comes with a electric toaster)
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